About the site

Wonders of Biology is an online learning universe for people who want to better understand biology.
The project is started by Biotech Academy and Novozymes.

Novozymes wants to bring attention to the power that biology has to shape our world. Biology solves problems, and nature can heal itself. But we need to better understand our world in order to protect it. Wonders of Biology was started by Novozymes, a company that is passionate about enzymes, microbes and all things biological. With the initiative we want to encourage enthusiasts, academics, institutions, other companies, organizations – and you in particular – to join us in learning about biology. That means supporting research, encouraging children to explore nature, or just sensing the earth under your feet. Read more on novozymes.com/en/biology

Biotech Academy is a teaching institution, run by university students. On the website, we offer free tutorials and science projects for schools. Biotech Academy works closely with scientists, teachers and students on various projects. Read more on biotechacademy.dk